Buying A Used Semi? Here's How To Maximize Your Trucking Success

Posted on: 18 April 2016

With the expected need for more than 800,000 new truck drivers in the coming decade, now is an awesome time to invest in a used semi-truck. With a truck to rely on, you can contract with major third-party shipping companies throughout the United States or work as an independent contractor by building a base of personal shipping clients who hire you directly. You can maximize your income opportunities by focusing on the following considerations once you drive your truck off the dealership lot:

Pay Attention to Your Tires

You need a reliable arsenal of tires installed on your semi truck to ensure that you're able to stay on the road more often than not while working. Your semi truck's front steer tires should have at least 4/32 inches of tread depth on them while all the others should have a tread depth of no less than 2/32 inches – otherwise they should be replaced as soon as possible. In addition, each pair of tires on your rig should always be of matching tread depth, otherwise the newer tire of the pair will likely face unnecessary wear and tear. And because reliable tires are needed to perform your job correctly, you may be able to claim any tire purchases that you make both now and in the future as a business write-off during tax season.

Promote Your Services

If you are looking to build up a base of clientele as an independent contractor, you can use your semi truck to promote your services on a continual basis and in a variety of locations throughout the country. Once your truck's marketing designs are in place, you can expect to enjoy free advertising everywhere you go while on a job. There are a variety of design options that will help get your business noticed from state to state such as:

  • Printing your company name on the truck's mud flaps.

  • Stenciling your logo and and contact information on the doors of your truck.

  • Installing colorful decals to the windshield that are custom-designed to promote your trucking services.

  • Applying a weatherproof sign to attach to the truck's back loading door.

Introducing more than one marketing technique to your rig's exterior design should help set you apart from the competition and gain you some brand recognition.

With these two considerations in mind, you are sure to establish a name for your business and optimize your profits from the start.

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