Customizing Your Utility Trailer For Flea Market Sales

Posted on: 18 July 2016

When you get serious about selling at flea markets, you will need an organized and safe method of transporting the goods that you sell, as well as the tables and things you need to set up. Enclosed utility trailers make the best flea-market transports. Adding a few modifications will make things even easier for you. Here, you will learn a few of those modifications to consider.

Table Compartment

The tables that you set up on have to be the first things out and the last things put in the trailer. Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to get things put away while utilizing every inch of your trailer.

You can frame out a table compartment along the inner wall of your utility trailer. This compartment only needs to be as tall as the tables when laid on their sides and as wide as your tables are when they are positioned together.

You can use metal piping or wood to frame it out. Then, when you get the size right, you can place a board on top so that you can stack things on top of the compartment.

Hanging Rod

If you sell clothing, the best way to keep the clothing looking great and easy for your customers to sort through is by hanging the clothing. Instead of having to fold the clothing and put it in boxes between events, you can install a hanging rod in the utility trailer. Then, you simply have to remove the clothing from the display rack and hang them inside the trailer. This will keep them from getting wrinkled and reduce the time it takes to set up and tear down your display.

Rubber Flooring

Laying rubber safety mats on the floor inside the utility trailer will make it a little less likely to break things while you are transporting them. That extra cushioning is added to the padding that is used when boxing up fragile items and will take some of the impact out of the boxes when the trailer is moving.


Shelving can also be added to help you stay organized. You can put your small boxes on the shelves and fill in the center area with large boxes that will come out first when you get to the site to set up. If your utility trailer is large, you can even make yourself some wheeled pallets to make unloading even faster. Simply purchase some large caster wheels, bolt them to the bottom of the pallet, bungee the items to the pallet and you can pull a whole load of stuff out of the trailer in one swoop.

Talk with your local utility trailer expert to learn more about selecting, purchasing and customizing your utility trailer to make your time spent at the flea market more efficient. Contact a business, such as TRSC, for more information.