Cars Shouldn't Dance: 3 Stages Of Brake Problems That Make Cars Dance To The Beat

Posted on: 29 April 2016

If your car is making noises and dancing to the beat like J. Lo, it may be time to get that rear-end into gear and have the brakes done. Many people say their brakes are making noise and they do not know why. The cause of this is usually that you are overdue for new pads. It can also lead to additional problems, such a grooves in the disks and frozen calipers. These are the issues that cause noises and sometimes even a bumpy ride on the highway. If you want to stop your car from shaking and making noises, check out some of these potential problems with your brakes:

1. Pads That Are Just Wearing Can Sometimes Be Caught In Time

The brakes of your car have pads, which eventually become worn and need to be replaced before they cause problems. These are the problems that cause noises and malfunctions. Often, these problems can be caught before your car starts to shake and handle badly when stopping. Many brake pads have a small strip of metal in them to tell you that it is time to change the pads before it is too late and serious problems start, which is usually what starts as a light squeaking noise.

2. Disks Warp When The Brakes Are Metal-To-Metal And May Need To Be Turned

When disks get hot, they can be severely damaged. This is caused by the friction of the metal on the pads rubbing against the metal disks. If you neglect changing your pads, the problem can become so bad that the disks may even need to be turned. It can be compared to a DJ scratching a record so bad that it cannot be played anymore. With pads, they will eventually become so warped that they cannot be turned and need to be completely replaced.

3. Cars That Have Serious Vibrations When Braking May Have Serious Brake Damage

After the pads, disks and noises have been ignored for so long, the brake problems can eventually make your car hop, skip and bounce to the beat. This is due to the metal being warped on the disks and the pads being completely worn down to bare metal. When your car starts to vibrate unusually, this usually means that the brakes are done, and you may be lucky if you do not have to completely replace frozen calipers.

Having your car shake down the highway is not normal, so you should contact a brake repair service to ensure the problem does not get worse. A brake shop can help with the problem of vibrations that are caused by your brakes needing servicing.