Car Won't Start: Battery Tips For Checking The Problem

Posted on: 3 May 2016

When your car won't start, one of the most common problems is the battery. There can be all sorts of reasons for a battery not to have power. It may have run down and need recharging or it may not be getting power from the alternator to keep it charged throughout a journey.

Here are three tips to check for the battery problem and get your car going again.

Check Your Electrics

Is it possible that you left anything on when you turned the ignition off? One of the most common reasons for drained batteries is the headlights being left on accidentally. It could be an interior light that you didn't realize has been switched to the permanent on position.

If this is the issue, you will usually just need a jump start and then use your engine to get some power back to your car battery. The next time you turn the engine off make sure you turn off all the electrics.

Too Much Strain on the Battery

When you've turned everything off, you'll need to consider the work you make the battery do. Most batteries are designed to get the car going—during the day and night. Now, there are car radios, GPS navigators, and DVD players that you can plug into the car and pull power from the battery to use them while you are driving. If you have too many electronics pulling power from your battery, it will drain faster than your alternator is able to recharge it. 

Try to put the battery under less strain by removing some elements. When you don't want to do that, purchase a more powerful battery to cope with it all.

Problems With Your Alternator

The issue may not actually be the battery, but the alternator or fan belt. Both of these help to get power to the battery. You can check for this problem while you're on the move. If you find you lose power when the engine is on, it means your battery is not getting the power it needs. Pushing the battery for too long will just lead to damaging all elements. Get your alternator checked if you believe it could be this.

Look after your vehicle, and that includes your battery. When your car won't start, it could be the battery that has lost its charge. There are multiple reasons for this, and the above three are the most common. Regularly check that all electrics are turned off and look out for signs that it is actually your alternator and not your battery. For more information, contact a business such as The Dyno Shop