Road Trip With The Grandkids: 4 Tips For A Memorable Adventure

Posted on: 9 May 2016

Taking the grandkids for a road trip is the perfect way to give their parents a break while you get the benefit of creating beautiful memories. Yet, traveling with kids can pose a few challenges when you are used to traveling alone. Whether you are planning to explore your home state or going cross-country, these tips will ensure everyone enjoys the experience.

Plan a Pre-Road Trip Inspection

On a road trip, there is nothing worse than getting stranded, and being stuck on the side of the road is dangerous when there are children involved. Make sure to let your mechanic know that you are planning a road trip so they can inspect for common issues such as worn tires and low fluids. If it has been awhile since you strapped kids into the back, do a double check to make sure the seatbelts are working properly.

Leave Room for the Unexpected

Some of the most memorable events on a road trip are completely unplanned, and kids love to explore. Try to avoid getting caught up in making good time, and allow for the kids to take the lead on occasion. For example, your grandkids may decide to linger at a historic landmark, or they may discover a wacky roadside attraction in a nearby town. Taking a detour for these types of events are a great way to teach your grandkids to live in the moment.

Stock Up on Snacks and Entertainment

As you have learned over the years, a hungry or bored kid is a cranky kid. Plan to bring along some car-friendly snacks such as trail mix and juice boxes that the kids can enjoy between food stops. Additionally, try to avoid letting the kids get caught up in a back seat movie on their tablets. Playing electronic-free games such as license plate BINGO will keep everyone involved and reinforce your bond.

Schedule a Car Clean Out

Avoid the post-road trip blues by scheduling to have automotive detail work done when you get home. Kids can be messy no matter how hard they try to stay clean, and the last thing you need to worry about on the road is a backseat spill. When you schedule your detailing, make sure to mention that you are returning from a road trip with the grandkids, so they can be on the lookout for any residual stickiness and stains that need to be treated. For more information on automotive detail work, check out websites like

As you prepare to hit the road with the grandkids this year, keep in mind that keeping a carefree attitude is essential for making sure everyone has a good time. By planning for every contingency from start to finish, you can return from your road trip with no worries and lots of happy memories.