5 Car Tools All First Time Car Owners Didn't Know They Needed In Their Tool Box

Posted on: 13 May 2016

If you just purchased your first car, you need to start building up your vehicle tool set. Here are five car tools that you may not naturally think about, but that would make a great addition to your car tool kit. 

Digital Camera

A camera can be an invaluable tool when working on your vehicle. No matter how hard you try to remember, it can be difficult to remember how to put a part back together after you have taken it apart and worked on it. A digital camera can serve as an excellent memory back-up when working on your vehicle. Take pictures of exactly how the area you are working on looked before you get stared from various vantage points so that you can see the big picture through your photographs. As you work, use your camera to document the steps that you take. This will make it easier if you get stumped during the re-assembly process.

High Quality LED Work Light

When working on your vehicle, seeing what you are doing clearly is a must. For maximum flexibility and light, purchase a high-quality cordless chargeable LED work light. LED lights provide superior, clear light for you to work with. A cordless light that you can recharge allows you to maneuver the light where ever you need it without worrying about where the cord is and if it will reach to where you need it. 

Common Utility Knife

Sometimes the most simple tools are the best tools. When you are working on your vehicle, you'll most likely encounter numerous times where you need to cut something; ranging from a wire to the packaging your new part is wrapped in. Keeping a nice, sharp common utility knife in your car tool box can really come in handy. 

Breaker Bar

A breaker bar is a great tool for new mechanics. It can be used to remove bolts or nuts that seem to be stuck in place. It is a more affordable alternative to more expensive tools such as an impact wrench that are designed to serve the same function. A breaker bar will come in handy when you run into an inevitable stuck nut or bolt, and it is a pretty affordable tool. 

Work Gloves

Working on a vehicle can get messy quickly, yet work gloves seem to often be missing from most at-home mechanics tool boxes. Don't use your garden gloves when you have to work on your vehicle; purchase a pair of car or mechanic gloves and keep them in your vehicle tool box.

As you build your vehicle's tool-box for the first time, make sure that you include the five items listed above. Although you may not see them on your typical car tool box building list, they sure can be effective and handy. You could ask a mechanic like those from Professional Automotive for more ideas on basic tools you should have on hand.