What Are The Best Camper Options When Traveling With Toddlers?

Posted on: 30 April 2016

If you and your spouse were avid campers during your pre-kid days and are eager to introduce your little ones to this nomadic vacation style, you may be wondering what special equipment you'll need to purchase in order to make this trip as fun and stress-free as possible. Traveling with young children can be quite different from solo or pair camping, and even with the additional creature comforts of a tow-behind or travel camper, you could find yourself scrambling if you don't adequately prepare.
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Cars Shouldn't Dance: 3 Stages Of Brake Problems That Make Cars Dance To The Beat

Posted on: 29 April 2016

If your car is making noises and dancing to the beat like J. Lo, it may be time to get that rear-end into gear and have the brakes done. Many people say their brakes are making noise and they do not know why. The cause of this is usually that you are overdue for new pads. It can also lead to additional problems, such a grooves in the disks and frozen calipers.
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Are You A Shy Person? 4 Tips For Negotiating With Car Dealers

Posted on: 26 April 2016

As a vehicle owner, the easiest thing to do is to hang onto the vehicle you have for a long time. But, you may want to upgrade to something newer, safer, and with better features. Heading straight to a dealership to look at your options for vehicles can quickly put you in an uncomfortable situation as a shy person. But, it is possible to avoid face-to-face contact with a dealer until after you have purchased a vehicle.
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How To Repair Holes In Fiberglass

Posted on: 25 April 2016

Most cars have fiberglass bumpers for many reasons. First, fiberglass is strong yet slightly flexible, so dents can often be popped right out. Also, fiberglass is relatively easy to repair. With a basic fiberglass patch kit, you can fix small holes, dents and scratches. You can easily fix unsightly defects and maintain the structural integrity of the bumper. This article explains how to patch auto bumpers with a simple fiberglass patch kit.
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